Scribbles, scratches & scrapings from an aging manchild


1268: Eleven

1268 Eleven 7-18-2016
Stranger Things is the best things.

1267: Deadpool

1267 Deadpool 7-15-2016
Gotta have at least one Deadpool sketch in my book at all times, lol.

1266: Old Man Han

1266 Han Solo Sketch Cover 7-13-2016
One of my all-time favorite sketch covers.

1265: Galactus and Antman

1265 Galactus and Antman 7-8-2016
Another super fun commission.

1264: Dazzler Thor

Dazzler Thor 6-18-2016
Another commission, and a character I was gonna draw anyway – a win, win.

1263: Zero (MegaMan)

1263 Zero 6-27-2016
A quick Zero sketch for my buddy Phouthong.

1262: Catbug

1262 Catbug 6-20-2016
Catbug! Colors by Bob Frank!


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