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That’s right, the old blog is being left behind at 1400 posts. I’m going to leave this site up, and keep it functioning with good links, but I won’t be updating the blog anymore.

Thanks so much if you’re a long-time watcher or follower, you can still keep up with me on Instagram and Patreon, where I’ll be posting all the stuff that would ordinarily go here.

Catch you….on the flip siiiiiiiiidddeeeee…….


1399: Darth Vader Sketch Cover

A cool Sketch Cover I did (as one of many) for a buddy.

1398: Albert and Elsie Dee

A commission for a podcast listener, always happy to do these!

1397: Nudish Sketch

I do my best to keep this blog SFW, but the uncensored version of this can be seen on my Patreon Blog, if you’re interested.

1396: Inktober 2017 day 13 – OktoBOOfest

I’ve got a new shirt just for spoopy people:


1395: Inktober Day 12 – Old Guy

1394: Inktober Day 11 – Capt. Pizza Pants and Beverage Boy

Some new characters, just for fun.
Capt. Pizza Pants and Beverage Boy are my personal IP, so no takey my makey, please.