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021: Wyatt Garey band

I had the honor of designing a new logo for Charleston’s awesome local band: Wyatt Garey Band. Check them out if you like a cool Widespread Panic, Allman Brothers, old school bluesy Rock n’ Roll. They’ve got a 17 year old guitar virtuoso too.

Wyatt Garey Band on myspace:

(higher res image coming soon)


020: Tigra W.I.P. III

HARK! Come ye forth and witness stepeth three…eth! As you can see, I’ve eliminated all the rough sketchy lines and made some very minor tweaks and clean-ups. In the final phase, I’ll likely make a few more tweaks as i color or shade.

019: Armageddon!

So A friend of mine calls me at work and says, “Hey dude, you did a graphic with a pig silhouetted from the side right?” I agreed that I had, in fact, created such a graphic. He further asked,” AWESOME! I need a side silhouette pig with fire coming out of it’s butt. It’s for a barbecue place. Fire coming out of it’s butt.” I told him that this could easily be done but thought it was a really poor choice for a logo element. He called me back after he got this and said he couldn’t stop laughing for an hour after he saw it. The logo he needed has a pig with it’s hind section on fire, not…well…shitting flames. That’s some spicy sauce.

Side note: A question for my 5 (6?) loyal readers: Are you slightly disappointed when I post a Graphic Design or photo instead of a drawing? Should I make a sketch only rule? comment with your thoughts.

018: Tiefling Slave Girl

It was requested that I draw one of the NPCs (thats “non-player character”, for those of you that don’t speak geek) from the D&D game. This character is a tiefling, the same race as my current character. I figured I’d give the other players a nice chuckle/thrill and base her attire on Leia’s slave girl bikini from Jedi. I’ll post the finished version of this soon.

check out Entry 564 & Entry522 from the old blog for more examples of NPCs I’ve been asked to draw for my gaming buddies.

017: Play Disc Golf

As you may or may know, Sketchy McDrawpants is an avid Disc Golfer. What is Disc Golf you may ask? Check out this video to find out:

I designed this to be a sticker for my truck and I can probably get you one if you want one.

016: Tigra W.I.P. II

Step 2: Pencils (traditional in this case) over the digital roughs. This image will still need to be cleaned up, tweaked and colored or shaded. Stay tuned.

015: P-Villains

My brother asked me to create a logo for his new disc golf club in lovely Portales New Mexico, so i obliged. Portales is known commonly as “P-ville” by locals, hence “P-Villains”