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046: Emo Elf

Here’s the elf, I chose to paint him like the dark elves from Dungeons and Dragons, the Drow. I figured since the characters in the game are so cliche I may as well go really cliche with the painting, lol.


045: Spatter

Now we’re talking, nice and wet looking. thats some a-spicy a-blood spatter!

044: Dwarfism

The Dwarf! The blood came out waaaaaay better on this one. The barbarian has some re-paints coming.

043: RAGE!!!!!!!

Here is is all finished, I may re-do the blood on his sword though. I was actually really surprised and pleased at how this came out, more to come.

042: Heroquest

On a whim, The wife, a couple friends and I started playing my through the adventures in my old Heroquest set. For whatever reason, I decided to go ahead and paint  a few of the little plastic miniatures, something I haven’t tried to do in about 12 years. Here’s the barbarian figure with his fresh base-coat.


Another for the same client mentioned in the last post.

040: Link

another character for my biggest free-lance client.