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Archive for July, 2010

056: Tigra Sketch

ran Across this in my sketch book and realized i hadn’t posted it yet. This was a rough sketch i did before I did this one:


055: Harley Quinn WIP 2

Here’s my edits to the latest Harley Quinn piece. I may tweak the eyes a little more before i finish it, but this is much closer to what i wanted.

054: Serial Banner

A banner I recently designed for my buddy, I likes it.

053: The Sage of Shadowdale

My latest Miniature, a re-paint of one of my favorite characters as a young high school student. This was the the official Elminster miniature licensed by TSR in the ’90s. I painted it the first time when I was about 15, and I really wanted to do it justice, so i soaked it in acetone and painstakingly took the old paint off with a small wire brush. I based the new paint job on the most well-known painting of Elminster from the time the piece was issued, but I skipped the leopard skin cloak because it was…well…stupid. I’d really like to get the new miniature based on his more current look and give it a try.

052: My Skillz

I had to re-create this graphic based only on the photograph here this week, a nice little test of my illustrator skillz, yo.

051: Harley Quinn WIP

Working on a new Harley Quinn piece, this time in the traditional outfit. I’m not sure this is quite right, gonna go back to the drawing board with this one I think.

050: Wendy in the Water

Wendy Playing in the fountain at Wannamaker County Park. Good Times.