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Archive for September, 2010

072: Audrey WIP 3

Still working on it. Coming out nicely I think.


071: Mystery guest Revealed

Remember the mystery guest? Here’s an update on that piece 🙂

070: Rebel-Air

Something I’m working on for my Dad, he teaches Air Force JROTC at a High School in GA, their mascot is the rebels.

069: Rogue-Girl Fix

This is better i think, more dynamic, less wonky in the face. I’ll have to finish it up soon.

068: Dragon*Con Quick Draw

At the con, we had 45 minutes to draw an original character or comic page, I made the mistake of not really thinking about it at all until I got there, and I feel like this is a little lack-luster. I got some nice comments and constructive crits though. I’ll be re-drawing this to see if I can get it done a little better.

067: The Walking Dead – Michone

Dude, she will kick your zombie ass with a samurai sword. you should probably consider eating someone else.

066: Count Strahd von Zarovich

Like the Elminster Mini I did, this was the official Count Strahd von Zarovich mini from the Ravenloft campaign setting.