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Archive for October, 2010

082: Grey Maiden

I finished this today, a Grey Maiden from the Pathfinder RPG campaign setting. One of my favorite minis I’ve painted thus far.


081: Harry Potter O’lantern

Our Pumpkin! Wendy wanted Harry Potter, but I’m not sure she actually knows who he is, lol.

080: New Miniatures

A couple of new minis I painted recently.  I’m enjoying this a lot, and we’re using them when we play D&D, which is sweet.

079: Superman Sketch

A quick Superman sketch in photoshop. I keep trying to get a nice feel for the character with a hint of Chris Reeve (Gary Frank does this quite well) but I’m not quite there yet. More to come.

078: Hulk Sketch

Scribbled this out on some down time at work, I kinda like it more than I should, lol.

077: Rogue Girl Final Pencils

Final Pencils! I should color this probably 🙂

076: Rogue Girl W.I.P.

An update on this, finished pencils up soon. For previous versions: