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092: X-men Pages Final

I ended up finishing the last bit by hand with a Pitt brush pen, Sadly I don’t think I’ll have time to get any more pages done before the con…Now if I can get someone to look at the damn portfolio while I’m there, that’ll be something.


091: X-men Pages WIP 3

Still chipping away at this, It may be the only page I finish. I’ll have to figure out a way to either work faster or better budget my time in the future.

090: X-men Pages WIP 2

Detail of the first two panels. I decided to ink these digitally to try and save time, it’s honestly taking a good bit more time than inking by hand would have

089: X-men Pages WIP 1

Getting some new pages together for Wizardworld Atlanta, here are my blue lines for the first page.

088: Audrey (Final)

I’m super pleased with this, hope you likes.

087: Rebel Air II

I’ve worked on this a little bit, finished version hopefully coming soon 🙂

086: Minis to Date

A shot of all the miniatures I’ve painted since I took this back up. I’m thinking about making a separate blog just for this…thoughts?