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100: Harley Quinn – Ring Girl

For the 100th entry here at Sketchy McDrawpants, I wanted to do something special. I also wanted to pay a little homage to my first 100th entry over at Sketch Party 2000:

I kept the Ring Card Girl concept and kicked it up a notch, I hope you enjoy this piece and I hope I get several hundred more entries before it’s all said and done


099: Denny’s Best

This is the best drawing I ever did at a Denny’s in Waskom, LA…EVER.  Wendy asked me to draw her a picture so I drew Her, Mommy and myself. I’m gonna hang it on her wall.

098: Green Lantern

At the request of my brother, Sam, here’s a Green Lantern for your Wednesday. Thanks to the great Gary Frank for pose inspiration.

097: Benjamin J. Grimm

Anyone know what time it is? (Spoiler Alert: it involves clobbering)

096: Axe Cop

Axe Cop is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. Drawn by Ethan Nicolle and written by his 6-year-old brother Malachai. I highly recommend you saunter over to and start in the archives.

095: Thor

Thor! I’m getting excited about the upcoming movie so I threw together a quick sketch with a ripped off Frazetta pose.

094: Pirate Angel WIP 2

Managed to get some more work done on this, should be pretty sweet when it’s finished.