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125: An Intimate Evening


123: An Intimate Evening – Inks

My third W.I.P. for this poster for Adam Warrock and Viet Huynh. Final version soon.

First sketch – Click Here

Second Sketch – Click Here

122: Rebel Air Final

The final design for my dad’s class t shirts. My first try at designing color for screen-printing. I think it came out pretty good.

121: An Intimate Evening Sketch 2

My second rough for the Adam Warrock /Viet Huynh  poster.

120: Jantzi Final Stickers

The final sticker designs, based on votes from Facebook.

119: An Intimate Evening

My first Sketch of a poster I’m designing for Nerd-core rapper Adam Warrock and Comedian Viet Huynh. I’m excited about this one.