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Archive for February, 2011

118: Jantzi Shirts

Some tshirt designs for Jantzi Test Prep


117: Thinker Colossus

Finished 🙂

inks – Click Here

Original Sketch – Click Here

116: Rebel Air Inks

I finally managed to get this inked for my dad. Final design coming soon (Click Here for entry 070 – sketch version)

115: Thinker Colossus Inks

My good buddy Viet asked me to draw the original digital sketch of this (click here to see) and liked it so much that he commissioned a finished painted drawing. So that’s what I’m doing. Here are the tight inks.

114: Jantzi Has a Posse

Some Sticker designs I’ve been working on for my biggest client. We’ve had his students voting on which ones they like best.