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Archive for March, 2011

138: Jantzi Heads II

More Jantzi heads!


137: Miniature of the Week!

My miniature painting blog was featured on Robot Viking! pretty freakin’ rad!

136: Jantzi Heads

Here’s a quick preview of something I’m working on for my biggest client, Jantzi Test Prep.

135: Awesome pt II

more awesome google results 🙂

134: Happy Birthday Uncle David

My Uncle David turned 55 yesterday  – Happy b-day old man! I burned this out in about 5 mins on a whim printed it out for my daughter to color, and then forgot to scan it before we gave it to him. maybe i can get a scan later.

133: Arkham City Harley Quinn Color Preview

Color Preview! finished version coming soon!

132: Arkham City Harley Quinn Pencils

The pencils for my new Harley Quinn piece, with added bonus color pallet!
Colored version here