Scribbles, scratches & scrapings from an aging manchild

147: Tiefling Slave Girl Inks

I finally inked this, and I’m planning on coloring sometime in the very near future. I made some changes from the penciled version because I inked it from the blue line sketch. I think it turned out pretty good so far.

Original Sketch Description:
“It was requested that I draw one of the NPCs (thats “non-player character”, for those of you that don’t speak geek) from the D&D game. This character is a tiefling, the same race as my current character. I figured I’d give the other players a nice chuckle/thrill and base her attire on Leia’s slave girl bikini from Jedi. I’ll post the finished version of this soon.

check out Entry 564 & Entry522 from the old blog for more examples of NPCs I’ve been asked to draw for my gaming buddies.”

Older versions:
Blue-Line Sketch

PS- her hands are definitely meant to be kinda gnarly, she’s a devil.


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