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159: Kayleth theragin Wengaloy, Dragonslayer

I also touched this one up.
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158: Aria Dakshi Forgedawn

I went ahead and did a quick update on this piece to spice it up some, enjoy.
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157: Korenn Rowse, Healer of Calistria

Another player’s character from my weekly D&D (Pathfinder) game – this our cleric, Korenn. for her full bio click here.

156: Heroes!

The last bit of my Paizo paper miniatures submission – some heroic, adventuring types.

155: Monsters!

So I didn’t get the job, but here’s a few more of my submissions sample for the Paizo paper miniatures. MONSTERS!

154: Paizo Kobolds

Last week I was contacted by Paizo Publishing and asked to create a submission sample for their line of paper miniatures. The submission called several different characters including a mob creature in 4 different positions – I chose kobolds. Here are all 4 of my kobold miniatures mashed up into a simple illustration. Thanks for looking and I hope you like them.

characters and images © Paizo Publishing 2011

153: Heroes of Hilarity

Yet another poster for my good buddy Viet Huynh. If you’re in Atlanta, check it out it’ll be a good show.