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171: Harley Quinn Redesign

I decided to go ahead and try to design my own Harley costume since I hate the relaunch version so much (so does everyone else, apparently). I went at this from the stand-point that for some reason it had to be done, because her classic costume needs no update. So this is what I would do if I absolutely had to. I wanted to keep elements of the classic costume, keep it practical and make it look like she can move in it. I went with the glasses to give her a smart, sexy doctor kind of look and combined it with a cool punk hairstyle that is sort of shaped like her old cowl. I kept the belt and pouches, cuz a girl needs a place to keep all her laughing gas and exploding cigars. It’s meant to be practical and sexy without being blatantly slutty and sexist. I hope you like it – I just wish the DC folks cared about this character as much as we do.


One response

  1. She squeaks when she walks, cause the sweat gets trapped betwixt the skin and latex. And also, I am more than a little intimidated that her muscle tone is superior to my own.

    July 1, 2011 at 6:47 pm

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