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164: Ant Rays

This is an exclusive limited run copy of Adam Warrock’s West Coast Avengers Mix-tape with an awesome custom Ant-Man sketch by Chris Haley of the web comic Let’s Be Friends Again (which is awesome Chris and partner in crime Curt Franklin are awesome). The music is great and if you’re into comics I highly recommend it. I hate Ant-Man, however, and the “hilarious” Viet Huynh thought it would be sooooooooo funny to give this to me at Heroes Con. He just better get ready for my wrath.


163: Longboxes!

This week after Heroes Con, I decided to take on the daunting task of organizing my comics collection. I’ve got 6 long boxes (two aren’t in the picture), 7 short boxes (one of which is longer than normal) all full and I ended up witha  couple hundred trash comics and duplicate issues. As you can see I used to love to reproduce my favorite artists’ work on my box tops, the terrible Joe Mad Wolverine is the oldest, probably 15 years old or more. It took two , but I had a blast going through all my back issues and rediscovering stuff.

162: X-Men Page Updated

Did some pretty drastic changes to this to get ready for HeroesCon in Charlotte this last weekend. Original page can be found here: CLICK ME!

161: Wonder Woman


160: Wonder Woman Inks

I decided I wanted a more updated version of this drawing for my portfolio, here are the inks – colors coming soon.