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177: Lucius Cage

I had to make a new character for a D&D game I’ve joined and I thought it would be awesome to make a fantasy version of Luke Cage from Marvel Comics. Mostly I wanted a character with a tiara that yelled “SWEET CHRISTMAS!”


176: Jantzi Comic Preview 4

Page 4, the final preview image. A .cbr file is available on request.

175: Jantzi Comic Preview 3

Pages 2&3! Final Preview page next post!

174: Jantzi Comic Preview 2

Page 1! More next post!

173: Jantzi Comic Preview 1

WOW! Posted very late and hardly worth waiting for, lol. This is the reason that the blog hasn’t been updated on time lately. I’m working like crazy on this project and I can now show an extended preview comic that we gave out at a recent Study Skills Seminar. The finished version will be available for purchase soon – I’ll keep you updated. Page 1 next post!

172: Another Intimate Evening

I was lucky enough to be asked to do another poster for My buds Viet Huynh and Adam Warrock, you can see the first one here: Entry 125: An Intimate Evening