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185: Another Jantzi Page Preview

Another Janzti page! What?!?!? Two comic pages in a row? damn, g. This is part of the introductory chapter that will soon be available as a free web-comic from, which means you get to see the text and the full page – lucky you.
Previous pages here:


184: Dragon*Con Sample page

Here’s the finished page. I had planned to have two more pages to go with it for the con, but was too busy with a paying project (Jantzi Comic!). I’ll have adjustments based on notes for this page and the other two pages ready for Heroes-Con 2012 for sure, and hopefully at least one more three-page sample.

183: Nightwing Page W.I.P.

A quick preview image of a sample page for Dragon*Con 2011 – full page next post.

182: X-23 & Jubilee

COLOR! Not sure how I feel about this one, oh well.

181: X-23 & Jubille Inks

Color next post – I’ve really enjoyed the current run of X-23, featuring gambit, Wolverine and Jubilee, good stuff.

180: Harley Quinn Classic Costume

Finished! Does anyone else have a Sir Mix-A-Lot song stuck in there head?

179: Harley Quinn Inks

I realized I haven’t drawn Harley in her original costume in a long while, so here she is. Color inevitable.