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Entry 198: Chris and his Humungoid Snoobs

Another re-draw, a buddy of mine is a bit of a smart-ass and made the mistake of saying that I should draw him with tits. Don’t test me, bitches. The older version is the smaller thumbnail, obviously.


197: Green Arrow & Black Canary

I did this as an improvement tracking exercise. See the side-by-side HERE

196: Pixie

One of my favorite X-people: Pixie!

195: Arsenic & Old Lace

Another poster for my wife’s fantastic high school drama department. She does an amazing job with her students and it’s great to be able to have free reign on a poster every now and then, hope you like.

194: Angry Canadian

A quick Wolverine – hadn’t drawn him in a while. As always I tried to infuse a little Clint Eastwood into his face.

193: Jantzi Preview Page 7

The last full-page preview for this, I’ll probably post some teasers in the future though.

Entry 200: Arkham City joker

Here’s a Joker commission sketch I did for the Arkham City midnight release event at the local Best Buy in North Charleston. The guy really seemed to like it and I had a great time. Took this with my HTC Thunderbolt and cleaned it up in Photoshop.