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213: Tiefling Slave Girl Finished!

I finally finished this one, wanted to do it before the end of the year, lol. Previous version and description from way back in April: Entry 147 Tiefling Slave Girl inks


Entry 212: The Mousernaut

My favorite sketch from our appearance at Captain’s Comics, a Modern Warfare 3 juggernaut with a cartoon mouse head for a shy little dude of about 8. Me and Viet thought he looked like he might be related to Gadget from Rescue Rangers, lol.

Entry 211: Binary Colors

I threw some quick colors on this. Enjoy!

Entry 210: Earth’s Mightiest Appearance

Come out if you can! we’ve got free hugs!

Entry 209: Binary

Watched a cool video about Ms. Marvel’s history and got inspired to draw this. Actually drew it by hand on paper for once. Colors coming soon.

Part 2 of Ms. Marvel Video

Entry 208: Jantzi Comic Ads

We’ve been running a series of comic strip ads in local high school newspapers, a continuing comic story with some free-up SAT tips. Enjoy.

Entry 207: The CRap Show

Viet and Tribe One’s show WILL be awesome, I was stoked to be able to do this for them and you should absolutely see this show if you’re going to be in Atlanta on the 16th!