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234: Wizard of Oz Poster Art

Finished this! I’ll post the finished poster after they add the text 🙂


233: Some Goings-On

Here’s some new stuff: The top is a poster I did for Viet and Tribe One, it’s now framed at the wall at Jerry Farber’s Side-door in Atlanta. Pretty Damn cool.

The other two are works in progress for The Flowertown Players in Summerville, SC. Pretty excited to finish one or both in the next couple of days.

232: The Emporer’s Hand

One of my favorite expanded universe characters: Mara Jade, Another character that I’ve never drawn despite the fact that I’m a huge fan.

231: The Man in Black

This is an older piece that I fixed up to eventually add to my portfolio. If you don’t like johnny Cash, I’m not sure we can be friends.

230: New 52 Powergirl

The new Powergirl costume seems weird without the cleavage hole, lol. She doesn’t look like herself, her costume is part of the character, like Spider-man’s. Any time they’ve made a drastic change and it just feels off. I thought she might take the time to fix it up for us. Enjoy.

229: Lara Croft Edit

Made some changes based on comments 🙂

228: Tomb Raider

This is a re-draw of this piece. Someone asked me about using the older one in a DeviantArt group and I decided I’d go ahead and update it instead of using the old one. Hope you likes.