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256: Heroes Con part III – Psylocke Sketch Card

Sorry for the poor image quality, there was shitty light in the convention center. I did this on a trading card sized piece of Bristol board for $5 🙂


255: Heroes Con part II: Cheetara

Another commission I did at Heroes con.

254: Heroes Con Part I: Poison Ivy Portrait

I got this commission Friday and finished it Saturday, A young lady named April wanted an illustration of her in her Poison Ivy costume. She seemed to like it. You can see a pic of April in her Costume here:

253: Harley Quinn – Arkham City Fix

I wanted to go back and fix a couple thing on this that have been bothering me. hope you like the changes.

252: The Punisher

My first pre-show commission for Heroes Con!

251: Rachel Grey Summers

Marvel Girl/Phoenix/Rachel Grey Summers has been a favorite of mine since the classic Excalibur days – I don’t think I’ve drawn her since I was about 13 years old though. She’s kicking all kinds of ass in Wolverine & the X-Men, too. Hope you dig it!

250: Monster Hunter Girl WIP 2

Worked on this a bit more – coming out pretty good.