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291: Marvel Girl (1963)

291 Jean Grey - 60s Marvel Girl Sketch
I’ve really been enjoying All-New X-Men so far, and Jean has always been a favorite of mine. Just a quick sketch, I dunno if I’ll bring this to inks or colors.


290: She-Hulk Atlas WIP

Something I’m working on for my buddy Viet.

289: Karasu, the Rogue

Here is my current character in the weekly Pathfinder game I’m involved with. He’s a tengu rogue (ninja technically). He’s a master of disguise and actually had the entire party convinced he was a blind old man until he got covered in burning slime inside White Plume mountain, lol. As a side note, Karasu means crow in Japanese – I’m very creative.

288: Wolverine Moleskine sketch

Messing around with my Copic markers in my little sketchbook. I like it.

287: A Fistfull of Paintballs

A commission I just completed for an awesome gentleman in Britain. Its always awesome when you get a commission of something you probably would have drawn anyway. Shoot me a line if you’re interested in a commission too.

286: New 52 Joker

Just a quick Joker doodle after finally catching up on Batman. He’s freaky as hell in the newest story-arc.

285: Captain Marvel: Body Heat

Kelly Sue DeConnick mentioned the other day on her Tumblr that her ideal Carol Danvers was a young Kathleen Turner. I really like the idea, so I whipped this up with a little bit of the lovely Kathleen in mind. Hope you likes.