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297: Tibbit for Reddit

297 tibbit for Reddit 12-10-2012



Here’s a piece I did in exchange for some character building help on Reddit the other day. Here’s the description I was given:

“I’m currently playing a tibbit female. The tibbit race is not ogl but here is an excerpt of their description:
‘Tibbits are small, stealthy, dark-skinned people with pointed ears and cat like eyes.Their hair tends to grow thick and long.Their skin tones range from a tawny brown to black, but occasionally a tibbit has pure white skin. Their hair color matches the wide range of colors found in house cats, from pure white to striped silver to deep black.’
They are a shape changing race descendant of wizard familiars.
She has got a long and formal name but all her friends call her Tumblepaw. She stands 3′ tall and weighs 35 lbs. Her skin is pale but her hair is charcoal black and she has got golden eyes. She is a high level cleric/warlock who worships a good aligned god of travelers and cats who will deal with anyone if it helps her defeat a greater evil.
She wears a breastplate, a blue headband, a blue shirt, dark brown leather pants, knee high leather boots, a pendant in the shape of a cats eye and a ring on her right hand. She carries a staff and a dagger. The dagger duals as a holy symbol and a focus for her eldritch powers (granted to her by her god for exceptional service). She also carries a bag made of black dragon skin and two magical rods.”

The bonus images are from Viet’s living room, where these three paintings i did for him are now hanging! They look great!


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