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955: Steampunk Portrait Commission

955 Steam Punk Friend 1-20-2013
Good buddy and Earth’s Mightiest Podfan Derrick ordered this – a steampunked out portrait of a friend of his.

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954: Fiverr D&D Group

954 Fiverr D&D Group 1-28-2013
Here’s a full D&D party of characters that I sketched up for a Fiverr customer. I think they all turned out pretty nice, though the hafling warlock chick has maybe a overly spindly arms, lol.

953: Fiverr Sketch Dump

953 Fiverr Dump 1-25-2013
Some more Fiverr sketches I sold recently. Get yours now! Click Here! Or don’t, y’know…whatever.

952: Saturday Morning Preacher

952 Preacher - Saturday toon 1-23-2013
For this month’s Pummel competition on Penciljack. The theme my opponent chose was “Any comic as a cartoon.” This was my coolest, most unlikely idea. All due respect to Scooby-Doo, of course.

951: Paintball T-Shirt

951 Paintball shirt 1-22-2013
I recently had some interest in a t-shirt based on the Community Fistfull of Paintballs piece I did. If you’re interested in one you can buy them here:

950: Much Ado About Nothing Set Design

950 MAAN Set idea 1-21-2013
I’m currently directing a production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing for The FLowertown Players in Summerville, SC. This is my concept sketch for the set; as you can see, we’re going with a pirate theme. It’s my first try at “concept art” and I think it came out pretty good, though there’s plenty of room for improvement. We’ll just have to see how close this is to the final set. The show opens in April.

308 (949): Fight (Fiverr sketch)

308 (949) fight (Fiverr sketch) 1-15-2013
I’m getting plenty of work at my page, here’s yet another commission.