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963: Luke & Mara

Luke and Mara 2-24-2013
Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade for a drawing contest with the theme “Forbidden Love”


962: More Fiverr Madness

962 gemchimp 2-15-2013

962 crossbow 2-15-2013

962 dwarf 2-15-2013

Yet a few more commission sketches from my Fiverr deal. Order yours here:

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961: Fiverr Super Heroes

961 Anvil 2-13-2013

961 Liberty 2-13-2013

A couple more Fiverr sketches, for a super-hero role-playing game.

960: Chicago Poster

Poster 950 px Chicago 3

Poster 950 px Chicago

Poster 950 px Chicago 2

Here’s the poster I designed for The Flowertown Players’ production of Chicago. The one with the black silhouette is the one they went with, but I thought everybody might like a look at the other options. I did the one with the line-work first, and it was a bit disappointing when the silhouette looked better, but that’s how it goes sometimes, lol. I just wish I had gone that direction from the get-go, it would have saved a good bit of time.

959: John Noble as Thrawn

959 Grand Admiral Thrawn John Noble 2-7-2013
My first thought when the rumor broke and probably a very unlikely possibility, lol. John Noble would be amazing as Grand Admiral Thrawn.

958: Chase!

958 Chase Face 2-6-2013
A commission for a good buddy – he wanted a portrait of him similar to some self-portraits I did last year.

957: New Sketches (Fiverr Jobs)

957 1 am 2-4-2013 957 cavalier 2-4-2013 957 rip 2-4-2013
Here are a few more Fiverr gigs, it’s keeping me pretty busy 🙂