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972: Gator Man Welder

972 Gator Welding proof 3-29-2013
Something I’m working on for the local High School – an updated version of a piece I did when I was 15 or so for the welding shop.


971: Cathar Smuggler

971 cathar 3-27-2013
This was a commission for someone’s Star Wars RPG character, a shifty Cathar female.

970: Space Girl

Spacegirl 3-25-2013
My unfinished entry for this month’s Pummel competition at The theme was “Anything Sci-Fi,” I just wish I’d have had a little more time to work on this. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

969: Captain Leonato

969 Captain Leonato Cogsworth 3-10+2013
Captain Leonato Cogsworth 2 3-10+2013
This gentleman has a bit of a back-story at the the theater where I’m directing Much Ado About Nothing. The painting in the smaller image has been used in every production for the last 6 or 7 years, Originally dubbed “Creepy Old Guy,” he was later affectionately dubbed “COGsworth Guy.” Since my production of Much Ado is pirate themed, I decided we needed to dress COG up with a bit of Nautical flavor. I give you: Captain Leonato G. Cogsworth.

968: A couple of Fiverr Commissions

968 slingshot 3-15-2013

968 Wolf 3-15-2013
Here are another couple of commissions

967: Harley Quinn

967 Harley 3-14-2013
I was just thinking to myself that it was high-time I drew another classic Harley Quinn. So I done did it.

966: Art Dump!



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