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Archive for May, 2013

993: Preview Art 6

993 The Gateway page 02 5-27-2013
Another random panel from the rad project Thacher E. Cleveland is writing for me to draw. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and details in the coming weeks!


992: Nerd Girl Pinup

986 Pumell Pinup 5-24-2013
Something for the monthly Pummel competition at I’m pretty dang happy with how this came out.

991 Preview Art 5

991 The Gateway 5 5-22-2013
Young Love! Random panels from the creator-owned project I’m cooking up with Thacher E. Cleveland!

990: The Ghost Girl (Commission)

990 Ghost girl 5-20-2013
A new commission piece from my Fiverr page.

989: Preview Art 4

989 Gateway 4 sword 5-17-2013
Oh, yeah, there WILL be sword-play. Thacher writes and I draw! Coming Soon!

988: Preview Art 3

988 Gateway 3 Firebug 5-15-2013
This thing was fun to draw, and it’ll be even more fun to read about – coming soon! Be sure to check out out writer Thacher E. Cleveland’s other stuff!

987: Preview Art 2

987 Gateway Preview 2 Olivia 5-13-2013
More from my upcoming colab with Thacher E. Cleveland! A female-type human!