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Archive for July, 2013

1007: Karen Grace

1007 Grace 7-12-2013
Karen Grace from DC’s Suicide Squad (Task Force X), as she appeared in New Frontier. I felt bad about taking forever on a commission so I did this as a bonus piece.


1006: Hellboy!

1006 Hellboy Copic Sketch 7-10-2013
I’ve been power-reading Hellboy the last week or so, and I did this Copic Sketch in my little sketchbook.

1005: Waterloop

Another disc golf disc – this is my brother’s favorite putter. The model is the “pig” and we started saying “Ziggy Piggy!” every time he made a putt yesterday – I thought it would be fun to do a doodle of Napoleon on the disc for him. I direct you to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure for context.

1004: Panda thump

1004 Panda Box 7-5-2013
Fiverr Commissions – I never know what I might have to draw.

1003: Lion!

1003 The Lion 7-3-2013
Pimped out Lion-man for the same client as yesterday.

1002: Tiger!

1002 The Tiger 7-1-2013
Another commission! Bad-ass tiger dude with a robot hand! Drawing is fun.

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