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1022: Theatre Poster Mania

1022 2014 The Civil War Poster 9-30-2013

1022 2013 Gaslight poster 9-30-2013

1022 Oz Poster 9-30-2013

Here are a few of the posters I’ve designed recently, including my second Wizard of Oz attempt. Starting next post: Halloween Spook-tacular!


1021: Wolverine Doodle

1021 Wolverine doodle 9-23-2013
Just a quick ballpoint doodle I did while podcasting the other night. I have restless hands.

1020: She’ll Fight You

1020 Female Fighter 9-20-2013
A Fiverr Comission piece.

1019: Horatio Quint, Half-Orc Fighter

1019 Horatio Quint 9-18-2013
My newest D&D/Pathfinder character, Horatio Quint. A 50ish year-old half-orc fighter who used to be a cook on a pirate ship. He’s very much inspired by Quint form Jaws and stories about Robert Shaw from behind the scenes of the movie. I do a Quint voice and call everyone “Chief” and challenge them to ridiculous bets and feats of skill or strength. It’s a blast.

1018: Beholder Bag

1018 Beholder Bag
I’ve got a Bag of Holding from Think Geek, but it’s missing the logo badge. I wanted to spice it up a little so I drew this on there, based on an awesome Wayne Reynolds painting from the Beholder Collector’s Set thing WotC did a while back.

1017: The Beast

1017 Beast Moleskine color 9-11-2013
Woo! Got my blue Copics in the mail.

1016: All-New Beast

1016 Beast Moleskine 9-10-2013
I’ve been dying to draw this version of Beast for weeks now, so I finally just went at it in my Moleskine. Copics are a certainty. You should really be reading All-New X-men.