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1035: Tracksuit

1035 tracksuit 11-18-2013
You gotta love a good weird-as-hell commission.


1034: Astronaut Problems II

1034 Astronaut Shaded 11-15-2013

1033: Old Sketchbook

1033 Old Sketchbook find 11-11-2013
Grabbed a dusty sketchbook from under my table to get some paper for my kid to art on, and found this unfinished drawing inside. I totally forgot about this, it’s a hug sketchbook that I only used once, on an art retreat almost five years ago. I definitely remember intending to finish this drawing, lol. Also, this is a huge book, the reference photo is on 8.5×11 paper.

1032: Astronaut Problems

1032 Astronaut 11-80-2013
A quick digital commission I did.

1031: New Preview art

1031 page preview 11-6-2013
ugh, finally gettitng some time to work on this. I should have been done with this twice already. Anyway, here’s another sneak peek.

1030 Dell the Dwarf (Fixed)

1030 Dell the Dwarf 11-4-2013
Update to an older entry. He was supposed to have this hat and the distinct bracelet.