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1046: Monkey Sketch

1046 monkey sketch 1-27-2014
Some weeks, I spend my days at work drawing monkeys and crawdads. It’s not a bad way to live, you guys. This little guy is highly influenced by Alex Toth.


1045: Ransom J

1045 Ransom J 1-24-2014
A commission I did for the awesome and funny Mia Jackson.

1044: That Fish Cray II – Inked and Colored

1044 crawdad inks 1-22-2014
Colored specifically with Screen printing in mind. There are only six colors used in different transparencies. The shirt in this case would be white.

1043: Frogdog

1043 FrogDog 1-20-2014
A commission for a guy that builds cigar box guitars.

1042: That Fish Cray

I had to draw a crawdad today. Craw so hard muthf***ers wanna fry me….

1041: New Fiverr Sketches

couple 1 2014

couple 2 2014

Here are a couple of Fiverr commissions, for a western fan-fic. The faces are based on specific actors by request.

1040: Dragon Surfer

Dragon Surfer 72 dpi
A commission piece, this was fun to work on.