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1054: Girl with a Rose (Re-Draw exercise)

1054 Rose Girl Redraw II 3-14-2014

1054 Entry 32 girl 1997 version 3-14-2014

1054 girl with rose re-draw 3-14-2014

I wanted to do a re-draw this week, just for the fun of it, and I found this one on the old blog and thought it would be fun to to get a three-tier redraw going. I did the original when I was 16, and the second one at 26. I hope you like it.


1053: Hawk-Guy

1053 Hawkguy Sketch Canvas CCE 3-12-2014
Another sketch I did at Captain’s Comics Expo 2014 – sorry for the potato. This is seriously one my favorite things I’ve drawn, like, ever.

1052: Captain’s comics Expo 2014

Batman Sketch Canvas CCE 3-8-2014

Wonder Woman Sketch Canvas CCE 3-8-2014

A couple of Small Canvas ink sketch commissions from Captain’s Comics Expo 2014. These were fun.
I still have two 14×19 Canvas Wolf-man prints if anyone is interested, just drop me a line 🙂

Wolf-man Canvas Prints

1051: Harley Quinn – Derby Girl

1051 Harley Quinn 3-6-2014
A brand new Harley print for Captain’s Comics Expo 2014.