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Archive for May, 2014

1063: 3 Musketeers Shirt

1063 3 musketeers shirt 5-28-2014
For the show I’m performing in, based on the poster I designed.


1062: Raven in the Yucca Final

Here’s the final collaboration with my brother – can’t wait to see how it looks on a disc.

1061: Raven in the Yucca

1061 Santa Fe DG Raven 5-9-2014
Disc golf and New Mexico related.

1060: Elf Mage

1060 Fantasy - Elf Mage 5-7-2014
Another Fiverr job. Click the link on the right side of my homepage to get one of your own.

1059: Savage Land Rogue

1059 Moleskine Rogue Savage Land 5-2-2014
The obligatory Savage Land Rogue, from near the end of Claremont’s classic Uncanny X-Men run.