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1068: D&D Dump

1068 Cartigas 6-30-2014

1068 Corwyn 6-30-2014

1068 Dolthaia  6-30-2014

1068 Ronulen  6-30-2014

1068 Velladriana Ral  6-30-2014
A group of Fiverr commissions that I never posted. They’re D&D characters and villains I think.


1067: Corsair

1067 Corsair 6-28-2014
Corsair! I’m loving the new Cyclops solo comic so far, and Corsair has always been a favorite of mine. Somehow I think this is the the first time I’ve ever drawn him, though.

1066: Raven in the Yucca on Disc!

1066 Raven Disc Final 6-25-2014
Turned out pretty great!
disc design (Entry 1062)
original drawing (Entry 1061)

1065: Dormammu Sketch

1065 Dormammu Sketch 6-23-2014
I did a couple of sketches for the annual Drink and Draw benefit at Heroes Con, and they both sold! All proceeds went to a charity for Parkinson’s disease. I did this one of Dormammu and a coaster with Rocket Raccoon that I never got a picture of. Sorry for the potato quality.

1064: Spider-Man for Heroes Con 2014 Quick Draw

Spidey Quick Draw 6-20-2014
Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC has a quick-draw competition every day of the con. You get 20 mins to complete your drawing, sometimes there’s a theme, sometimes not. I did this one on the first day this year and got 1st place, scoring tickets to next year’s con!