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1077: Batman and Harley (drawing class)

1077 Batman 9-24-2014

1077 Harley Quinn 9-24-2014

1077 Wendy art 9-24-2014

Today I taught my daughter how to draw – complete from pencils, through inks and then coloring. She did pretty great. These sketches are for sale, so if you’d like to buy – just hit me up 🙂


1076: Little Groot

Groot 9-14-2014
I did this on a 1″x2″ baby canvas at my table during Florence Comic-Con over the weekend, I’m planning on doing a bunch more of these tiny canvas pieces. Drop me a line if you want one 🙂

1075: Winter Soldier

1075 Winter Soldier 9-3-2014
I started this a few weeks ago and finally finished it today. Enjoy.

1074: Catwoman ’66 Commission

1074 Catwoman 66_0001
A Julie Newmar Catwoman I recently did for an awesome client. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, especially considering how little I draw with pencil and paper lately.