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1163: Elvis

1163 HeroesCon 2015 Elvis Bad-Ass 6-30-2015
This one is probably my favorite sketch from HeroesCon 2015, I’ve always wanted to do an Elvis Comic, and this just made me want to do it more. Thanks to Curt Franklin for commissioning this, maybe he wants to write the comic?


1162: Mara Jade Sketch Cover

1162 HeroesCon 2015 Mara Jade Cover 6-29-2015
My convention partner in crime, Viet Huynh, holding up a Star Wars #1 commission for me.

1161: Korra Copic Sketch

1161 HeroesCon 2015 Korra Copics 6-26-2015
The guy who commissioned this Korra is officially my biggest fan, lol. He dropped a huge amount of bank on my art at the con, including grabbing my Dusty Rhodes piece in the auction. Thanks, Glenn!

1160: The Flash and The Prez

1160 HeroesCon 2015 Flash TV 6-25-2015

1160b HeroesCon 2015 Prez 6-25-2015

This Flash button was extra fun, because the little girl who requested it was a big fan of Grant Gustin. She had Francis Manapul do a button for her first, and she didn’t like it! She LOVED mine though, lol. Technically, I beat the artist of the Flash in a Flash drawing contest, you guys 😉
I also got to draw the classic Prez, but I forgot to get paid! No worries though, I give away a ton of sketch cards.

1159: John Constantine HeroesCon 2015

1159 HeroesCon 2015 John Constantine 6-24-2015
A pretty cool John Constantine I did in a sketch-book for a guy from my local LCS while at Heroes’ 2015.

1158: Tinkerbell and the Star-Moose

1158 HeroesCon 2015 Moose Solo Button 6-23-2015

1158b HeroesCon 2015 Tinkerbell 6-23-205

A Tinkerbell sketchcard / Magic Card and a Bullwinkle/Han Solo mash-up custom button, lol.

1157: X-23 HeroesCon 2015

1157 HeroesCon 2015 X-23 6-22-2015
Here’s the first in a series of commissions from HeroesCon 2015, more to come through the rest of June!