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1170: JoJo Joseph

1170 JoJo 8-31-2015
A JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure commission for a good buddy of mine. I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.


1169: Sunspot & Cannonball

1169 New Mutants 1 8-26-2015
I’m really close to caught up with stuff I have to draw for other people, so I decided to draw something for me. Here’s part one of a 4-part series celebrating the classic New Mutants. Stay tuned.

1168: Princeless v5 #0 Cover

1168 final-cover 8-24-2015

1168 Princeless solicit 8-24-2015
My issue of Princeless finally got solicited! Here’s the ad copy and the naked artwork. Enjoy, and remember to pre-rder it next month! Out in November!

1167: Catwoman ’66 Sketch Card

1167 Catwoman Sketch Card 8-19-2015
I threw this in as a bonus sketch on a very delayed commission. Sketch cards are always fun.

1166: Cassie Cage Commission

1166 Cassie Cage Commission 8-14-2015
A Mortal Kombat commission piece that i finally got around to finishing. Hope you dig it.

1165: Apuvek Stormwatcher Thulukane

1165 D&D Apuvek 8-7-2015
Wow – it’s been a while since I’ve been able to draw something for myself. Here’s my current D&D character, a Goliath Barbarian.