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1185: Gwenom

Ultimate Gwen touch-ups 9-27-2015
Added some Venom to this Ultimate Gwen Stacy from my book of $5 Sketches.


1184: The Parker Luck

Spidey Beat-up Inks 9-27-2015
This has been in my book for a while without selling, so I decided to go ahead and add some inks. Come see me at Soda City Comic Con this weekend at table A-57!

1183: Bride of Frankenstein Print

1183 Bride of Frankenstein 9-26-2015

1183 Bride of Frankenstein inks 9-26-2015

An all new 14×18 canvas print added to my Monster Series! Debuting this weekend at Soda City Comic Con in Columbia, SC. I also dressed up the original inks, which will also be for sale at the show!

1182: Christian Kane as Wolverine

1182 Wolverine Christian Kane 9-25-2015
Just because I’ve been listening to a lot of Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-men, and watching a lot of Leverage. I agree with Rachel – Christian Kane would be a fantastic Wolverine. Costume is a tweaked version of the Days of Future Past Movie suit.

1181: Nightcrawler Sketches

Nightcrawler Doodles 9-22-2015
Finally sketching some Nightcrawlers that I’m pretty satisfied with. I referenced Dave Cockrum’s model sheet, which included delightful notes, like: “When drawing Nightie from the front: Do NOT connect the tail directly to his crotch, you’ll give the code fits & John Romita ulcers!”

1180: Frankenstein’s Monster Edits

1180 Frankenstein's Monster Fixed 9-20-2015

1179 Frankenstein's Monster 9-17-2015

I wasn’t quite satisfied with the likeness on this piece, so I figured out a way to combat losing my guide sketches under paint. I traced my base sketch onto a clear overlay and then flipped it back and forth until I liked it more. I also got a much better photo of the painting – enjoy.

1179: Frankenstein’s Monster

1179 Frankenstein's Monster 9-17-2015

Still Painting – getting better.