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1239: Apollo Creed

1239 Apollo Creed 2-29-2016
Favorite black characters #11: Apollo Creed! Without some damn war to fight, then the warrior may as well be dead, Stallion!


1238: Dee from Rat Queens

1238 Rat Queens Dee 2-26-2016
Favorite black characters #10: Dee! Rat Queens is dope and you should be reading it.

1237: Finn Sketch Card

1237 Finn Sketch card 2-24-2016
Favorite Black Characters 9: Finn!

1236: Black Panther

1236 Black Panther 2-22-2016
Favorite Black Character #8, The Black Panther. This was a commission at Captain’s Comics Expo over the weekend.

1235: New Sketch Cards

1235 Sketch cards 2-19-2016
Some new sketch cards I did for Captain’s Comics Expo 2016, Including Storm, the next in my series of favorite black characters.

1234: Luke Cage

1234 Luke Cage 2-17-2016
Luke Cage is awesome. that is all.

1233: Frenzy

1233 Frenzy 2-15-2016
Favorite black Characters number 5: Frenzy! She’ll stomp a mudhole in you, son.