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Archive for March, 2016


1247: Arrow Sketch Cover

1247 Arrow Cover 3-30-2016



1246: Ultimate Spidey Sketch Cover

1246 Spidey 3-25-2016


1245: Bane Sketch Cover

1245 Bane 3-25-2016

1244: The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen

1244 Daredevil sketch 3-18-2016
Just a quick ballpoint pen sketch – Happy Daredevil Day, dudes!

1243: Netrunner Inspired Gaming Mat

1243 Roll 20 Card Mat 1-8-2016
This was a prize for a tournament winner at a gaming store that a buddy of mine works. Turned out pretty good, I had fun with this one.

1242: Wonder Woman

1242 Wonder Woman 3-7-2016
A pre-New 52 Wonder Woman Commission.

1241: Jeremy Dale Sketch Cover

1241 Jeremy Dale Sketch Cover 3-4-2016
A sketch Cover I did at Florence Comic Con 2015, but for got to get a picture of at the time. The same person tends to get a lot of sketch covers from me and was nice enough to bring it to me so I could get a picture. Jeremy was always a pleasure to see at a con, friendly and generous with his time. He even gave me an eraser at one show after showing me how great of a tool it was. Read Skyward if you haven’t – it’s a delight.