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Archive for May, 2016

1257: Batman/Daredevil

1257 Batman Daredevil 5-30-2016
Another one from Megacon 2016, also colored by Bob Frank.


1256: Bill and Ted

1256 Bill and Ted 5-27-2016
A fun piece I did at Megacon 2016, Colored by Bob Frank.

1255: Dr. Seuss Hat

1255 Dr. Suess Hat Prompt 5-20-2016
Another one from my sketchbook full of drawing prompts.

1254: Angel Wings

1254 Angel Wings Prompt 5-16-2016
I got a fun sketchbook with 300 drawing prompts the other day. I want to try to do something a little unexpected for most of them.

1253: Sith Superman

1253 Super Man Sith 5-9-2016
Sometimes I get really weird commission requests, this is one of my favorites.


1252: Rogue House of M Colors!

1252 Rogue House of M 5-4-2016


1251: House of M Rogue Commission

1251 Rogue House of M Inks 5-2-2016