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Archive for June, 2016

1263: Zero (MegaMan)

1263 Zero 6-27-2016
A quick Zero sketch for my buddy Phouthong.


1262: Catbug

1262 Catbug 6-20-2016
Catbug! Colors by Bob Frank!

1261: Poe Dameron Sketch Cover

1261 Poe Dameron 6-15-2016
When I showed this to my wife, she said, “Oh my God, you did such a good job…I just want to lick him.” Thanks?

He’s for sale here:

1260: Hellboy in Mexico

1260 Hellboy Luchador 6-6-2016
I was asked to draw Hellboy, no other instructions. This seemed like the obvious choice.

1259: Bonus Dino-Mutt

1258 Blue Falcon - Dynomutt 6-1-2016
A bonus sketch to go with the Blue Falcon redesign.

1258: Blue Falcon Redesign

1259 Blue Falcon 6-3-2016
A really fun commission, Blue Falcon in a modern armor-style costume.