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Archive for February, 2017

1335: Froakie!

A quick commission for my buddy, who keeps a sketch book of Pokémon doodles. All credit to the original artists, I referenced the official art heavily.


1334: America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchman

Black History Sketch 6: Daveed Diggs as Lafayette, from the musical Hamilton.

1333: Junk Yard Dog

Black history Sketch No. 5, JYD!

1332: Bishop

Black History Sketch 4: He came from the future with some huge guns, and a small arsenal of firearms. “[Xavier’s] dream is the hope of humanity and we are its protector.”

1331: Kendra, the Vampire Slayer

Black History post 3, with a special appearance by Mr. Pointy, of Course.

1330: Rage

Black History sketch 2: RAGE! One of the most fun spins on the Captain Marvel (Shazam) trope. Who doesn’t love drawing a luchador mask?

1329: Martin Luther King, Jr.

For Black History Month, This year I thought I start with one the greatest black heroes of all time.