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Archive for April, 2017

1360: More Wolverine

A very special commission for a Patreon supporter for the podcast I co-host.


1359: Andre, the Giant

A new print and t-shirt design! Hope you dig it, get yours here:
Order your 11×17 print!

Order your T-Shirt!

1358: Pikachu Libre!

A commission of my favorite Pokémon thing EVER. Once again, credit to the art staff at Pokémon/Nintendo.

1357: Believe it!

Another commission – full credit to the promotional art team, all I really did was put my spin on there stuff.

1356: Nightcrawler Collaboration

A rad Nightcrawler sketch that my buddy Phouthong Phimmarath, colored by myself.


1355: Poison Ivy

1354: Rapunzel

A buddy of mine is decorating his new baby’s room with Disney princesses, this was my contribution 🙂