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Archive for May, 2017

1367: The Wolverine

Got this as a commission, and wanted to try to do a hip, stylish version of Logan’s civvies for Laura. I think it came out pretty damn good.


1366: Forsythe Pendleton Jones III

Jughead’s not asexual, he’s burgersexual, you guys.

1365: Redbox vs Predators

A commission for my buddy Landall, who own and operates a Video rental store and coffee shop with his Mom.

1364: Storm Sketch Cover

A storm sketch cover I did as a display example.

1363: Bronze Age X-Men

Just doodling in my sketch book.

1362: Roar

I saw some dope lions in photo and had to draw one. I’m really tempted to color him green and say it’s Beast Boy, lol.

1361: Abe Sapien