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1398: Albert and Elsie Dee

A commission for a podcast listener, always happy to do these!


1397: Nudish Sketch

I do my best to keep this blog SFW, but the uncensored version of this can be seen on my Patreon Blog, if you’re interested.

1396: Inktober 2017 day 13 – OktoBOOfest

I’ve got a new shirt just for spoopy people:


1395: Inktober Day 12 – Old Guy

1394: Inktober Day 11 – Capt. Pizza Pants and Beverage Boy

Some new characters, just for fun.
Capt. Pizza Pants and Beverage Boy are my personal IP, so no takey my makey, please.

1393: Inktober Day 10 – Hatchling

I’m probably gonna do some stickers and shirts of this little fella, anyone interested?


1392: Inktober Day 9 – Link