Scribbles, scratches & scrapings from an aging manchild


1358: Pikachu Libre!

A commission of my favorite Pokémon thing EVER. Once again, credit to the art staff at Pokémon/Nintendo.


1357: Believe it!

Another commission – full credit to the promotional art team, all I really did was put my spin on there stuff.

1354: Rapunzel

A buddy of mine is decorating his new baby’s room with Disney princesses, this was my contribution 🙂

1335: Froakie!

A quick commission for my buddy, who keeps a sketch book of Pokémon doodles. All credit to the original artists, I referenced the official art heavily.

1295: Jake the Dog

I bet you can guess what time it is.

1262: Catbug

1262 Catbug 6-20-2016
Catbug! Colors by Bob Frank!

1259: Bonus Dino-Mutt

1258 Blue Falcon - Dynomutt 6-1-2016
A bonus sketch to go with the Blue Falcon redesign.