Scribbles, scratches & scrapings from an aging manchild


1362: Roar

I saw some dope lions in photo and had to draw one. I’m really tempted to color him green and say it’s Beast Boy, lol.

1349: Good Ol’ Ronnie

My buddy Garret kept using Ronald Reagan on a Unicorn as an example for how he’d do a commission of anything, and I just had to draw it, lol.

1334: America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchman

Black History Sketch 6: Daveed Diggs as Lafayette, from the musical Hamilton.

1333: Junk Yard Dog

Black history Sketch No. 5, JYD!

1331: Kendra, the Vampire Slayer

Black History post 3, with a special appearance by Mr. Pointy, of Course.

1329: Martin Luther King, Jr.

For Black History Month, This year I thought I start with one the greatest black heroes of all time.

1326: Don’t get cocky, kids…

Keep your eyes on the empire, friends. The force is with us, we are one with the force.