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That’s right, the old blog is being left behind at 1400 posts. I’m going to leave this site up, and keep it functioning with good links, but I won’t be updating the blog anymore.

Thanks so much if you’re a long-time watcher or follower, you can still keep up with me on Instagram and Patreon, where I’ll be posting all the stuff that would ordinarily go here.

Catch you….on the flip siiiiiiiiidddeeeee…….


1248: Wolfneck Sketch

1248 wolfneck 4-1-2016
A quick character sketch from my D&D sheet.

1224: D&D Doodles

1224 D&D doodles 1-25-2016
Some quick doodles I did during D&D this weekend, nothing special

1165: Apuvek Stormwatcher Thulukane

1165 D&D Apuvek 8-7-2015
Wow – it’s been a while since I’ve been able to draw something for myself. Here’s my current D&D character, a Goliath Barbarian.

1136: The Professor

1136 Lee Tanith 3-11-2015
Someone’s very studious World of Darkness character.

1130: Elf Warrior

1130 Elf Warrior 2-25-2015
A commission from a con a while back that I never got around to posting – a character sketched based on a couple of miniatures.

1129: The Masked Man

1129 The Masked Man 2-20-2014
Yet another commissioned D&D character sketch, and one of the coolest ones I’ve ever done.