Scribbles, scratches & scrapings from an aging manchild


1128: Tiefling Sorcerer

1128 2-16-2014
Another Fiverr commissioned D&D character sketch.


1127: Wood Elf Archer

1127 -Wood Elf Archer 2-13-2014
Another commissioned D&D character.

1125: The Sorcerer

A Fiverr commissioned D&D character sketch. The client asked for a Karl Urban in Pitch Black Vibe.

1124: Fedor Ivan Bellic

1124 Fedor Bellic 1-30-2014
My Current D&D character, a dwarf rogue with a background in espionage. He’s got a nicely generic Eastern Europeanesque accent, and lots of secrets.

1060: Elf Mage

1060 Fantasy - Elf Mage 5-7-2014
Another Fiverr job. Click the link on the right side of my homepage to get one of your own.

1036: New Character Sketch

Ouzfoi Sketch 11-29-2013
My character from a side-game to our usual weekly Pathfinder shenanigans. He’s a hobgoblin rogue/ninja, he might look off if you’re used to traditional D&D/Pathfinder hobgoblins, but we have our own very extensive lore concerning hobgoblins.

1030 Dell the Dwarf (Fixed)

1030 Dell the Dwarf 11-4-2013
Update to an older entry. He was supposed to have this hat and the distinct bracelet.